May 30, 2022


Picture this. It’s summer and your pool is open, ready and waiting for swimmers. You made the leap and nstalled artificial turf around the pool. As a result, you can focus on guests rather than mowing/trimming your grass! Here are 8 top reasons artificial grass is the prefect choice to go around your pool.



Regardless if you live in a drought-prone area, saving water is a hot topic today. Estimates from the EPA suggest that 1/3 of all public water usage is landscape and grass watering. So, no matter where you are located, keeping your water usage to a minimum is a good idea so our future generations will continue having ready access to fresh drinking water.



Synthetic grass will stop all mud and dirt concerns around your pool. No matter how often you tell people to not splash water out of the pool, you know there’s always water splashing over. And where water gets spilled over, mud will happen. Where mud collects, muddy footprints begin to get into your house. Because artificial turf drains better than natural grass, you’ll notice substantially less mud entering your home from the pool.



Whether you have kids doing cannonballs or trying to splash you by the poolside, you can be certain everything around the pool will get wet. If you have traditional grass surrounding your pool, you’ve likely seen that water creates puddles in low lying areas and how chlorine may occasionally kill the lawn. Synthetic grass is designed for optimal drainage, so it drains water better than natural turf.



Slippery poolsides are very unsafe. There is a reason that the rule of “no running” is often one of the first things listed at public pools. But, sometimes, children get excited and ignore the rules. When hard surfaces (or even regular turf) surrounding the pool get wet, sometimes you do not even have to be running to slip—accidents happen! Synthetic turf won’t be as slick as concrete or bricks, which will keep you and your family that much safer. Plus, synthetic turf is more forgiving, so if a slip happens, the injuries won’t be as bad as falling on concrete.



Modern artificial turf looks nothing like it did when it first came out. Back in the day, turf looked more like a green plastic mat than grass, but due to improved technology, it is almost impossible tell the difference between natural grass and synthetic turf. If you install synthetic turf around your pool, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood because your grass will always be neat, trimmed, and tidy.



Toxic chemicals get a bad rap today—and rightly so. These chemicals are likely dangerous for both your family and pets. For example, if you use weed killer or pesticides on your yard, they can easily be carried into your pool during the application or carried on bare feet when people swim in the pool. Additionally, if you have ever had grass clippings fall into your pool, you know how fast they can interfere with maintaining a proper PH balance, resulting in you needing more chemicals to make your pool safe to swim in.



Bugs love regular grass. They eat grass blades, lay their larvae in the soil, and thrive year after year. If you fertilize your yard, they are that much more drawn to your grass because it makes their food source even more nutritous and lush. Synthetic grass is not an organic material, so it naturally discourages annoying pests, keeping ticks, fleas, and mosquitos at bay.



Are you aware that you can suffer a second-degree burn from pavement (concrete, asphalt, or brick) that is sat in the sun all day? Hot pavement may also be hazardous for people suffering from neuropathy (or the lass of nerve sensation). They may experience decreased feeling in their feet and not realize they’re walking on a surface that has heated to a dangerous temperature. Minimizing any type of concrete, brick, or asphalt around your pool by installing synthetic turf can help you and your loved ones avoid burns. Even better, you can have HydroChill installed with your grass for an even cooler surface.



Ready to see just how much artificial turf can change the way you keep up your yard? Have a look at our products to see some of the turf we offer. When you are ready, the team at Southwest Greens of Illinois is glad to assist. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.